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Head office

Famous Clothes S.A.

CAMELEON : address avenue Ariane, 15
B-1200 Brussels
CAMELEON : telephone 02/761.23.23
CAMELEON : fax 02/761.23.33
CAMELEON : mail info[at]cameleon[dot]be
CAMELEON : TVA TVA : BE 0 466 064 511
BE64 3101 4634 0552


Subscription / Unsubscription

  • How can I become a member of CAMELEON?

    New subscriptions can be made on our website by clicking on the "REGISTER" CTA at the top of the page.

    To register, you have to be sponsored. Do not forget then the member's number and postal code of your sponsor.

  • How to become a member without a sponsor?

    In order to become a member of one of our Private Outlets and thus gain access to them, your subscription must be sponsored by another member.

    We are certain that you will be able to find a CAMELEON member in your entourage that will support your subscription (

    If you really don't find a sponsor, you still have the possibility to become a fan of our CAMELEON page on Facebook Facebook, and then click on the �Become a member' button (it's in the left column of our fan page).

  • I would like to receive a membership card

    Your invitation takes place as a membership card.

    You can also cut the bar code at the back of your invitation (it's also on your welcome email) and put it in a plastic sleeve, available at the reception of one of our sales outlets.

  • How can I unsubscribe?

    You don' t want to receive our invitations anymore? Please send us an email to the following address or contact our receptionists by phone (02/761.23.23) from Monday to Friday 9AM to 5.30PM.

Outlets / sales / invites

  • What are the opening hours?

    The opening hours and days of our two Private Outlets (Woluwe and Genval) are to be found on our website

    Woluwe - Genval -

  • I don't receive any invitations anymore, what can I do?

    The invitations may have been stopped for several reasons.

    First, could you check if your account details are corrects? If not, you can modify them on the "My account" page.

    If yes, please contact our receptionist(s) by email info@cameleon.beor by phone (at 02/761.23.23 from Monday to Friday from 9AM till 5.30PM). They will help you to solve the problem by accessing your personal information.

  • How to receive invitations for several outlets?

    The invitations you receive will give you access to all outlets.

    You can easily check the schedules of all outlets by clicking on the below links�:

    Woluwe - Genval -

My details / my online account

  • How to create your online account?

    Go to

    Thanks to your member ID, your postcode and your email address, you can easily create your online account. You just need to follow the steps.

    In order to confirm your subscription, you have to activate your account by clicking on the link within the email.

    If you need more information, go to the below page:

  • How to change your personal details?

    As a CAMELEON member, you can change your personal information by accessing our website, in the "MY ACCOUNT" page.

    After you logged in, go to

    If you have any problem with the password, click on "Lost Password?". The system will provide you with a temporary password that you will be able to change later.

  • Where can I find my member ID?

    You can find your member ID on your invitations, yur welcome email and in "My account/I change my details".

  • How can I invite friends on CAMELEON?

    It's very easy.

    You just need to get connected and go on the "My referrals" page to send them an email and invite them to our amazing private sales.

  • How can I change my last name, first name and title?

    Please send an email to and our receptionists will amend your information.






Dear ,

is sponsoring you to become a member of CAMELEON. It's quick and easy !

In order to complete your registration, please click on the link below:

Becoming a member means that you have access to private sales of leading brands at unbeatable prices.

Welcome to CAMELEON !



More questions or request for additional information on a specific area?

Don't hesitate to contact us!

+32 2 761.23.23